There is so much you shall gain from Spencer spray foam insulation, even though you may be afraid of the cost. What they do not realize is that this is an investment that is worth the costs involved. As much as you have other options in the market, you will not find one better than spray foam. 

Spray foam insulation is formed when polyurethane and isocyanate react to expand and harden. The two materials shall be shot from a spray gun into a given surface, where they will react and expand to form a protective layer over it. This is how you will manage to access the benefits of spray foam. 

This is the most powerful insulation there is in the market. It will expand and seal tightly those small spaces that would have been left bare using other insulations. It has the highest ranking when it comes to resistance value, which is the ability to provide an air-tight seal. This insulation also makes it a great energy saving option to have. It can make you reduce the amount you spend on energy by almost half the usual amount. 

It shall make for an airtight seal for all the holes in the attic and other crawl spaces in the house. This shall be a way of minimizing the chances of rodents and insects making it into the house. You will also not see any other material with  ranking as high as what spray foam achieves in providing insulation against air filtration. 

Save for air, there is also no more worries about moisture and water entering the house. It shall manage to curb the entry of moisture when it rains. Apart from that, it shall offer a significant protection against flooding. Compared to other materials, you do not have to worry about it absorbing flood water. 

This also works well to keep mold away. The chemical formula of mold is such that mold and bacteria shall not be left to grow well on it. This shall make the house a place where mold and bacteria have a hard time thriving in, which is ideal for your needs. 

Since spray foam is made of an inert polymer, it shall last for a long time while in use. You shall thus have a house that lasts longer than if it had been absent. It will not need you to do a re-insulation for a long time to come. It is estimated that you can do so after two decades since the last insulation exercise. 

You will also appreciate its eco-friendly nature. It for one has all the energy savings and insulating qualities. It will also last long which means it shall be cheaper in the long run. These are the things that make it the best thing for the environment, and for your health. Read more about Spencer insulation contractor.

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